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Product Description:  
The 5.11 Tactical Goggles are a high-performance eyewear accessory designed to provide reliable and durable protection for outdoor activities. These ballistic goggles feature scratch-resistant and impact-resistant lenses that protect against debris and harmful UV rays. Additionally, the goggles feature an adjustable strap and anti-fog technology, ensuring a comfortable and clear vision during any outdoor activity.

Key Features:

Ballistic goggles: The 5.11 Tactical Goggles are made from high-quality materials that meet the rigorous standards for ballistic eyewear, providing reliable protection in any situation.
Scratch-resistant lenses: The lenses are designed to withstand scratches and debris, ensuring clear vision during outdoor activities.
Anti-fog technology: The goggles feature an anti-fog coating that prevents fogging and ensures clear vision in all weather conditions.
Lightweight: The goggles are lightweight, ensuring comfortable wear during long hours of use.
Adjustable strap: The adjustable strap allows for a secure and comfortable fit for users of different head sizes.
UV protection: The lenses provide protection against harmful UV rays, ensuring optimal eye health during outdoor activities.
Impact-resistant: The goggles are designed to withstand high impacts, providing reliable protection in any situation.
Interchangeable lenses: The goggles feature interchangeable lenses, allowing users to customize the goggles to their specific needs and activities.
Overall, the 5.11 Tactical Goggles are a versatile and practical accessory designed to provide reliable and durable protection during any outdoor activity. With their scratch-resistant and impact-resistant lenses, anti-fog technology, lightweight design, adjustable strap, UV protection, and interchangeable lenses, these goggles are the perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts who demand high-performance eyewear.





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